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Michelle hosts annual events for adoptees to come together and build an even stronger bond in person. She creates a full day of fun with delicious food, drinks, music, activities, and connection.

Autumn Adoptee Picnics


Gallery: Autumn Adoptee Picnic


Spring Adoptee Picnics


An Evening with I'm Adopted

In June 2022, Michelle partnered up with Alex Gilbert, Founder of I'm Adopted, and Daria Rottenberk, Adoptee Advocate for Baby Be Brave, LLC, to co-host an event in Los Angeles, California. The event took place outdoors at a beautiful Bohemian-styled home. The cozy space was the perfect atmosphere for adoptees to come together, connect, and feel right at home. Michelle had the honor to be one of the guest speakers sharing her adoption journey as an international adoptee. Her heart-felt speech will be coming soon! 

          Here are some photos from the evening!

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